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Training on HCD | @ReWork @Startingbloc | USA

Marta Milkowska

Between 2013 and 2016, I run multiple full-day workshops on design, with a main focus on rapid prototyping. Through a carefully designed methodology, I helped groups to rapidly prototype ideas of solutions to real-life challenges presented by local social entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

Rapid Prototyping is a method used by the most innovative companies to accelerate the innovation process: to test new ideas that decreases development time and cost by prioritizing early user feedback.  Do you know how much time did it take to create the first prototype of the Google Glass? Listen to Tom Chi from GoogleX to learn how the Rapid Prototyping was used to create the Google's new inventions . 

My clients included: StartingBloc Social Innovation FellowsReWork, the American University, DCDT Summer School of Design, and start-ups.